Church Wedding in Prague

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Wedding in Prague

Wedding in Prague, Czech Republic?

protestant wedding - Olbramovice, Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, city rich of history and culture, is every year the dream marriage destination for hundreds and hundreds of couples from all around the world.

protestant wedding - Klementinum, Prague

In Czech Republic, you can have either civil wedding (done mostly by local officials at the Municipal Office) or a church wedding (done by a priest, minister or pastor, in a church or even at some other place).

The legal paperwork (and there is some legwork taking some time) is the same for both, and must be done at the Municipal office under whose jurisdiction the venue for the ceremony falls.

protestant wedding - Vrtbovská garden, Prague

Based on this condition, the church wedding is then legally binding, as if done by the civil authorities. Instead of having a civil wedding first and a church blessing successively (as it works in many other countries), you can have both together done by a priest.

protestant wedding - chapel at Hluboká castle

In case, you are foreigners, not speaking Czech language, the ceremony can be held in English (or other language the priest knows), or in Czech language with a translation.

There are different conditions in various churches regarding the wedding (e.g. in some, at least one of the parties must be member of the particular church). In our church, we are ecumenically open and welcome people from all Christian traditions.

church wedding in Prague - St. Martin Church, Prague

If you are thinking of getting married in Prague (or elsewhere in Czech Republic) and you wish and plan to have a church wedding and/or get a blessing for your marriage, our priest, father Michal Šourek, can help you.

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Father Michal has a rich experience; he has done a number of international wedding ceremonies, in our church in Prague-Chodov, in other churches and venues in Prague (e.g. St. Martin in the Wall Church, St. Thomas Church, Klementinum, Vrtbovská Garden, Botanic Garden, Chateau St. Havel), as well as at other venues in Czech Republic (e.g. Průhonice, Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle, Zbiroh, Liblice).

protestant wedding in Prague - Zbiroh castle

Father Michal Šourek can do the wedding ceremony in Czech, English, German and Russian language. Do not hesitate to contact him in case you have any questions.

E-mail: michal.sourek(at)

Phone/WhatsApp: +420 739 244 681

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